About the ILDS

About the ILDS


The International Lawrence Durrell Society (ILDS) was founded in 1980 at the Modern Language Association convention.


The ILDS is a non-profit educational organization whose purposes are 1) to promote the study, understanding, and appreciation of the works of Lawrence Durrell; 2) to explore critically Durrell’s position in twentieth century literature, modernist and post-modernist, and to help establish his place in the canon of world literature; 3) to sponsor meetings, seminars, and conferences worldwide dealing with Lawrence Durrell; 4) to publish a newsletter, The Herald, and a journal, Deus Loci: The International Lawrence Durrell Journal, at regular intervals; 5) to support scholarly publications; 6) to undertake such projects as may be decided upon by the Society.


The Society hosts bi-annual conferences, organizes panels at other conferences, publishes a newsletter and a journal, and sponsors a poetry contest. Among the resources available online are a biography, a critical bibliography, information on conferences, and information on archival resources.

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