Deus Loci NS 16 (2018-2019)

Deus Loci NS 16 (2018-2019)

Deus Loci: The Lawrence Durrell Journal NS 16 (2018-2019)


Remembrances of Michael Haag

  • Ian S. MacNiven
  • Peter Baldwin
  • Charles and Isaac Sligh


  • Michael Haag “The Mystery of Karm Abu Girg”
  • Ian S. MacNiven “Climax in Crete”
  • Christine Costanza “The Foundling Heart: Reflections on Incest in Durrell’s Justine and Mountolive
  • Luca Barbaglia and Bartolo Casiraghi “Scobie’s (Un)Common Usage: Myth and Irony as Tools of Epistemological Resistance”
  • Fiona Tomkinson “Lawrence Durrell’s Tibetan Exile: Connections between the Tibetan Book of the Dead and the Theme of Exile in The Alexandria Quartet
  • Athanasios Dimakis “‘Orientations in Sunlight’: Lawrence Durrell’s Greek Visualism in Rhodes”

White Mice Poems 2017

White Mice Poems 2019

Notes and Queries

  • Peter Harrison “The Last Word on the Strawberry Pink Villa”
  • Peter Harrison “The Durrell French Connection”


  • David Radavich “Rev. The Fruitful Discontent of the Word: A Further Collection of Poems by Lawrence Durrell, edited by Peter Baldwin”
  • Ian MacNiven “Rev. Lawrence Durrell’s Endpapers and Inklings 1933-1988, 2 volumes, edited by Richard Pine”
  • Charles Sligh “Rev. Lawrence Durrell, The Placebo, edited by Richard Pine and David Roessel”
  • James Clawson “Rev. A Psychoanalytic Study of Lawrence Durrell’s The Alexandria Quartet: Exile and Return by Rony Alfandary”
  • Veronica Schuder “Rev. America Abroad: An Epic of Discovery by David Radavich”


  • Grove Koger “Durrell Bibliography: 2007–2010”

Notes on Contributors