OMG XVIII – Registration

OMG XVIII – Registration

Please use the form below for registration. Note that all amounts are in US denominations ($USD). After May 5th, registrations fees increase by $25.

Required steps:

  1. Fill in all required fields on the registration form
  2. Pay your fees via PayPal or Check (bottom of page)
  3. If you are bringing a guest to the banquet, use the PayPal option to “continue shopping” and add a student registration with banquet only in the “Special Notes” field (this will update your basket in PayPal with a new total

This form has been taken offline.

Now that you have completed and submitted the Durrell 2012 Registration Form, please pay the appropriate fee via PayPal.

  •   $125 (individual)
  •   $175 (individual + banquet)
  •   $50 (student)
  •   $100 (student + banquet)

For payments other than PayPal, please send cheques or money orders directly to:

Paul H. Lorenz, Secretary/Treasurer
The International Lawrence Durrell Society
5601 W. Barraque Street
White Hall, AR 71602