Louisville 2024 CFP

Louisville 2024 CFP

“This shabby piece of equipment”: Modernism and Artificial Intelligence

Session sponsored by the International Lawrence Durrell Society

Louisville Conference on Literature and Culture after 1900

The International Lawrence Durrell Society requests proposals for 20-minute presentations on artificial intelligence in the modernist era. Potential subjects include:

  • Futurism and anxiety
  • Post-humanism and transhumanism
  • Human-machine interaction
  • Dystopia and identity
  • Subjugation and power
  • The confluences of science fiction and modernism
  • Robots, androids, and automata
  • Technosexuality
  • Taylorism and Fordism

Deadline for submission of proposal is 10 October 2023.

Please plan for a presentation of no more than twenty minutes. Submit proposal by email to jdecker@icc.edu

Include two attachments in pdf, rtf or doc format:

  1. The first attachment should consist of a 300-word abstract (double-spaced and titled), omitting all references to the submitter.
  2. The second attachment should contain a cover page that includes the following information:
    • Name as it will appear in the program
    • Address (preferably home address)
    • E-mail address (necessary to confirm your acceptance)
    • Academic affiliation, if applicable
    • Title of paper/work (as it will appear in the program)
    • National origin/genre of work(s) discussed (please be specific)
    • Personal biographical note (100-150 words)

The 48th annual Louisville Conference on Literature and Culture after 1900 will be held at the University of Louisville, February 22-24, 2024.

Please see the conference’s official website for additional information.