Deus Loci NS 9 (2003-2005)

Deus Loci NS 9 (2003-2005)

Deus Loci: The Lawrence Durrell Journal NS 9 (2003-2005)




  • Bernard McKenna “The Myth of Other: Darley’s Representations of Female Homosexuality in Balthazar
  • Virginia Kirby-Smith Carruthers “Durrell’s Enigmatic Hamlet: Mysteries of Image and Allusion”
  • Ramón Plo Astrué “Foregrounding Process: Postmodernist Traits in The Avignon Quintet
  • Matthew Escobar “Fictional Universe and the Self in Lawrence Durrell’s Monsieur: or, The Prince of Darkness
  • Beatrice Battaglia “An Introduction to Myth and Dystopia in Lawrence Durrell’s Works”
  • Ken Seigneurie “Sweeping The Alexandria Quartet out of a Dusty Corner”


  • Virginia Kirby-Smith Carruthers “Introduction”
  • Marilyn C. Anderson “Stay”
  • Patricia Hill “Awake”
  • Edmund Pennant “This Now”
  • Susan Bazett “Elephant”
  • Wendy Holborow “Losing the Plot”
  • Katie Cameron “What Remains”
  • Catherine Aldington “Claude”
  • Sharzad Farzad “From the Heart”
    • Introduction
    • Geography
    • The Same
    • Helping Each Other
    • How to Hold Her
    • Final Use
    • Changes
    • Relief
    • We Didn’t See
    • Uncle Mohammad Never Dies
    • With My Husband
    • Kiss Me


  • Roger Bowen “Rev. Alexandria: City of Memory”
  • Caroline Zilboorg “Rev. Writers in Provence
  • Donald Junkins “Rev. Café Millenium and Other Poems


  • Allison Kay Parker “Lawrence Durrell and Paul Cézanne”
  • C.P. Lee “The Island of Rhodes”
  • Finn Jensen “Karen Blixen and Lawrence Durrell: Two Aspects of Modernism”

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