Deus Loci NS 8 (2001-2002)

Deus Loci NS 8 (2001-2002)

Deus Loci: The Lawrence Durrell Journal NS 8 (2001-2002)


From the Editors


  • Susan S. and Ian S. MacNiven “Margaret Durrell Remembers: A Dialogue on Corfu”
  • Penelope Durrell-Hope “Return to Corfu, 2000”


  • John Maynard “Two Mad-Dog Englishmen in the Corfu Sun: Lawrence Durrell and Edward Lear”
  • Corinne Alexandre-Garner “Exiled from Exile”
  • John U. Peters “The Incense of Homage: Durrell and Einstein”
  • Anthony Hirst “‘The old poet of the city’: Cavafy in Darley’s Alexandria”
  • Robin Visel and Yorgos Papatheodorou “The Alexandria Quartet and Drifting Cities: Modernism and Politics in Wartime Egypt”
  • Jessica Fure “The White Rabbit’s Guide to the Quartet: Alexandria Through the Looking Glass”
  • Inge Birgitte Siegumfeldt “Lawrence Durrell’s Southbound Train: The Disorientation of the Reader in the Avignon Quintet


  • Carol Peirce “Introduction”
  • Christine Delea “Joy–When There is Nothing Else”
  • Clarinda Hariss “Spendthrift”
  • David Silverstein “Windows”
  • Mabel Collins Donnelly “To a Small Child”
  • Shahzad Kavoossi Farzad “My Hero”
  • Lindsey Noelle Nichols “A Kiss for Narcissus”
  • Richard A. Hood “Tristan”
  • M. Minford-Meas “Inner Green”
  • Michelle M. Faith “Singular, Plural”
  • Paul Hostovsky “Be Mine”
  • Virginia B. Anderson “In the Beginning”
  • James Wackett “Colors of the Hummingbirds”
  • John Merrill Donnelly “Silhouettes”
  • Usha Akella “Song to the Beloved”
    • “Introduction”
    • “The Face That Does Not Bear the Footprints of the World”
    • “Etched in Light”
    • “Do You Know?”
    • “Calling”
    • “Because Your Footprints”
    • “Shuffling Cards”
    • “Yes! Yes!”
    • “The Dervish Dances”
    • “Calligraphy”
    • “The Light Within the Light”
  • Adrian D’Ambra Poet of Light”
    • “Introduction: No Oracles Remain”
    • “The City”
    • “Of Stone and Flesh”
    • “The Blow-hole and the Sea Dragon”
    • “Atlas”
    • “Procession”
    • “The Woodpecker and the Tortoise”
    • “Expatriate”


  • Ian S. MacNiven “Rev. In Byron’s Shadow: Modern Greece in the English and American Imagination”
  • James N. Decker “Rev. New Anatomies: Emotions in the Writings of Henry Miller”
  • David Roessel “Rev. Some Wine for Remembrance”
  • Pamela Beatrice “Rev. Some Wine for Remembrance”
  • Grove Koger “Rev. Lawrence Durrell: A Smile in the Mind’s Eye [Video]”
  • Jane Eblen Keller “Rev. Writing at the Kitchen Table: The Authorized Biography of Elizabeth David”


  • Timothy Cox “Request for Information and Material”
  • Anne R. Zahlan “Rhodes, Ruskin, and the Myth of Empire: Imperial Intertextuality in Durrell’s Mountolive”
  • James Gifford “Extravagant Strangers and Durrell in Anthologies”
  • Wendy Holborow “A Ramble in Corfu Sixty Years On From Durrell”

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