Deus Loci NS 5 (1997)

Deus Loci NS 5 (1997)

Deus Loci: The Lawrence Durrell Journal NS 5 (1997)



  • David Roessel, Gerald L. Vincent “Introduction”
  • Lawrence Durrell “‘Yorick’s Column’: Lawrence Durrell’s Unsigned Humor Sketches in the Egyptian Gazette, 1941″


  • Michael Given “‘Father of his landscape’: Lawrence Durrell’s Creation of Landscape and Character in Cyprus”
  • John Maynard “On Desert Ground: Ondaatje’s The English Patient, Durrell, and the Shifting Sands of Critical Typologies”
  • John M. Rose “Durrell and Plotinus: Mapping the City, Mapping Life”
  • Rosalind Gwynne “Islam and the Muslims in The Alexandria Quartet
  • Marie-Christine Veldeman “Love at Verfeuille: Duality of a Trinity”
  • Keith Cushman “‘Just how busy all this nothingness can be’: Durrell’s Irish Faustus
  • Virginia Kirby-Smith Carruthers “‘Memory’s Seditious Brew’: Mythic Resonances in Durrell’s Greek Poetry”


  • Lilian Critchfield “Africa”
  • J.D. Ho “Advice for a Friend in Mountain Lion Territory”
  • Mollie Cox Bryan “The Cliffs”
  • Mabel C. Donnelly “Hartford”
  • K.V. Skene “Tyneham evacuated by the War Office in 1943 ‘for the duration of the Emergency’”
  • David Williams Russell “Fox and Geese”
  • Mavis Jones “Sisters”
  • David Radavich “Egyptian Days: Poems from Alexandria, Summer 1996″
  • Corinne Alexandre-Garner “Alexandria: Passage or Origin? A Visual Journey”


  • Ian S. MacNiven “Van Norden: A Week’s Journal: Corfu, May 1996″
  • Jane Eblen Keller “Prospero’s Cell, Reflections on a Marine Venus, Bitter Lemons (Re-issues)”
  • Roger Bowen “Through the Dark Labyrinth: A Biography of Lawrence Durrell”
  • Julius Rowan Raper “Lawrence Durrell’s Double Concerto and At the Foot of the Acropolis: A Study of Lawrence Durrell’s Novels”
  • Gregory Dickson “Lawrence Durrell’s Major Novels, or The Kingdom of the Imagination”
  • Lawrence B. Gamache “A Riddling Thing: A Study of Time in Five Twentieth-Century Novels”
  • Keith Cushman “D.H. Lawrence: The Cosmic Adventure”
  • Joe Bratcher III “Henry Miller: A Book of Tributes”
  • Susan Vander Closter “Anais Nin: A Book of Mirrors”
  • Paul H. Lorenz “Rev. David Roessel and Gerald L. Vincent Need for More Primary Sources”
  • Paul H. Lorenz “The Alexandria Quartet in Family Therapy”
  • Steven Doloff “Henry Miller and Lord Byron’s Correspondence ‘on the side of life’”

Durrell Conferences Worldwide, 1997 – 98
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