Introducing The New Herald

Introducing The New Herald

The Herald NS* [New Series]

Looking along the bookshelf where I keep my collection of Lawrence Durrell books, I remind myself what a fantastic job the International Lawrence Durrell Society (ILDS) has done in maintaining the reputation and visibility of Durrell. From the outset, the ILDS has promoted Durrell not only via its biennial academic conference, but also by means of its regularly published scholarly journal, Deus Loci, and its newsletter – The Herald.

The committee behind the governance of ILDS is known as the Executive Board. At its recent meetings, the Board set forth to expand the readership and interest in the work of Lawrence Durrell by a number of means, all building on the established style of the ILDS. Building on its core academic foundation, the Executive Board is pursuing avenues to broaden the appeal of Durrell outside the academic arena. The ILDS board recognizes the renewed interest in Durrell as evidenced by increasing Facebook ( and Twitter ( posts, and the loose dramatization of Gerald’s book ‘My Family and Other Animals’ as the TV show ‘The Durrells,’ which has almost made the Durrell family name a household name to its many viewers.  

This ‘new’ Herald falls squarely in line with the intent to expand interest in Durrell’s writings and life.

This revamped structure and style of The Herald seeks to follow in the footsteps of the hitherto twice-yearly newsletter of the same name. It is intended to have a wider audience than the ‘old’ Herald by being generally accessible to all visitors to the ILDS website. Members of the ILDS will automatically receive a copy, via email, of each newsletter as it is published.

The ‘new’ Herald will be published quarterly, aiming to catch ‘hotter’ news than the Herald’s previous twice-yearly schedule allowed it.  We anticipate releasing a volume during each of the seasons – spring, summer, autumn, and winter.  

We hope that the topics covered in this first edition will give a flavour of the format and content planned for future editions. We plan to be as flexible as possible in content as circumstances permit.

Please note that we have established a new email address for editorial communications. Please use this email address only for communications related to The Herald:

Likewise, please whitelist this email address so The Herald will not be mistaken by your email client as a spam mailing.

We hope that you enjoy the upcoming edition and that it, and subsequent volumes, encourages you to read more of Durrell’s work and to look in greater depth into his life and times.  We also welcome feedback and hope you can take a moment to let us know what you think of the new Herald.

Peter Baldwin & Steve Moore [editors]

* The title ‘The Herald’ for the newsletter of the society owes its origin to the idea which Durrell himself devised of ‘The Heraldic Universe’, which can be briefly described as an intuitive rather than a specifically rational way of seeing the world.